Colors on Monday: Black

on Monday, September 27, 2010

(This picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.)

Jen at Unglazed is hosting a mini meme, Colors on Monday. This week's color is Black.

I had to do some searching to come up with photos with black in them, but I decided I would post this picture of a black bear that Betsy and I saw as we were stopped at an overlook on Skyline Drive in Virginia. The bear was quite a way below us on the side of the mountain, but I was able to get this picture with my telephoto lens.

About half an hour later traffic on the road came to a halt as a Mama bear with three cubs meandered along the road before crossing it. Betsy was able to snap this picture of the family before they disappeared from view.

But my favorite picture showing the color black is a picture of my Beautiful-Bride-to-Be. This picture was taken about a month before we got married. We had taken my parents to Barren River State Park in Kentucky.